European market inflation



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European market inflation

25.07.2006 15:21 Tuesday

One of the reasons why the foreign exchange developed rapidly was the rapid development of the Euro dollar market. In a Euro dollar market, US dollar is stored beyond the border of America banks. Similarly, the European market is refers to property depositing outside the currency rightful owner country market. A Euro dollar market was formed at first in the 50's, at that time Russia deposited its petroleum income beyond the US border, avoid being freeze by the US government. This has formed a large offshore US dollar national treasury which is beyond the control of the US government. The American government has formulated a law to prohibited US dollar from lending money for the foreigner. Because the degree of freedom of the Euro dollar market is bigger and the rate of return is bigger, therefore it has large attraction. Starting from the 80's, the American company starts to borrow loan from the offshore market, they discovered that the European market is a wealth center which consists of large amount of floating capital which could provide short-term loan.

London once was (until now still is) one of the main offshore market. In the 80's, the Bank of England in order to maintain its global finance industry center dominant position, using US dollar as England pound substitution to make loan, thus to become a Euro dollar market center. London's convenient geographical position (is situated between Asian and Americas market) also helps to maintain the European market as the dominant position.